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Meniconi BracceschiTM

Single Origin Finest Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Monocultivar or Blend?
There are terms used in the world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which we, who are directly involved often use in our daily vocabulary, however many of the consumers are unaware of.

Elegance & Superior Quality with Italian Flavor

Ancient Greeks loved it, Romans couldn't get enough of it, people in modern-day Mediterranean swear by it, and the health-conscious across the world have taken to it. We're talking about olive oil, of course; a POTION fit for GODS obtained by pressing the tiny, tender fruits of the olive tree. (Olea Europaea)


An Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is obtained from a single variety of olive. The quality of these Oils are determined by the exhaustive supervision of each of the processes which take place throughout the year, until reaching the harvest, selection, cold extraction, storage and bottling. 


These EVOO's are obtained from the blending of two or more varieties in quantities, that are based on the talent and the objectives of the Sommelier who is originating the Coupage. An Extra Virgin that once created is nonpareil.This unique art and expertise is what sparks our passion and boots the soul of our prestigious EVOO

The world's best blends are, in their majority mixtures of varieties from the same country and region 

Turret at La Braccesca
Meniconi Bracceschi (TM) Headquarters
Ponte Pattoli, Comune di Perugia