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Origins of Our Brand 

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Meniconi Bracceschi, is the story of a noble family, which in turn has been a significant part of the history of Italy, especially of the region of Umbria  and its capital city, Perugia. A story that begins in the time of Andrea Fortebracci Lord of Perugia. Great Warrior and "Condottiere". Creator of the Armed School under the name of Braccesca, from where the Bracceschi soldiers graduated. 

Braccio da Montone also known as Braccio da Perugia or Braccio Fortebraccio da Montone  (1368 - 1424), is to this day inspiration for many Italians and especially for Umbria.

 "This is the story we want to share with you, each time a bottle of one of our superior oils is filled"

Our inspiration and motivation was born from the idea of ​​making a noble and outstanding product that combined, the virtues of the Bracceschi as well as the magic and beauty of the residence, La Braccesca, which dates from the year 1600, and thus, honor the memory of the last descendant of such a noble family: Count Mannolo Meniconi Bracceschi (1913 - 1999). 

In Italy, producing extra virgin olive oil is a centuries-old art that is passed down from one generation to the next through families that have, with their willingness and passion, earned the right to be called "Master Artisans" in the production of genuine Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Our production is private and limited, with the purpose of obtaining and ensuring a product that is constant and always reflects its quality, elegance, balance and character; just the way Mannolo Meniconi Bracceschi would have liked. 

An EVOO made for lovers of true "Italian liquid gold". 

Noblesse oblige, as the Count would say.

MENICONI BRACCESCHI (TM) does not compete with local extra virgin oils and much less with those that are sold through retailers. 


Aware of the great improvements that Chile has been showing the international market in the production of olive oil, during the past 15 years,  and the similarity of "terroir" with Italy, we decided, at the beginning of 2019 to expand our brand and product to the Chilean market in alliance with a local producer.

An important step and challenge. In a still very young market where the knowledge and use of high quality EVOO's has a minor participation in the local gastronomy. However, there is quality and in addition it contributes to a significant reduction in production costs, making our product more competitive to study the possibility of entering new markets, without never sacrificing its "essence". 

After much work and testing, we agree that ODASA, award-winning producers of Italian varieties in the beautiful Pencahue Valley,  Region of Maule, was the correct choice. They have the quality, good practices, passion and willingness to accompany us on this adventure. We are very satisfied with professional business relationship. 


Alexander B Hamilton
OLIO EVO Sommelier &
Perugia - ITALIA