Our Olive Oils

All our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is high in Phenolic compounds

Sole Chilean EVOO to Obtain a Medal in the 
EVO IOOC, ITALY 2021", competition.


From the Latin "Longing Desire" DESIDERIUM is an exclusive Superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced
in the Maule Region, CHILE.

Crystalline, golden green with a fruity fresh AROMA and strong character, result of blending three superior Italian Olive varieties: Coratina, Favolosa and Frantoio

Olives are hand picked in the exact moment of ripeness, "envero", and crushed after visual selection, within twelve hours from the time of harvest. 
This is the secret to such an elegant and exclusive
Extra Virgin. 

AROMA: Attractive notes of fresh cut grass, artichokes, almonds and a subtle touch of green apples. 
FLAVOUR: Our EVOO is sophisticated, luminous and bodied, with a medium-high intensity and a perfect balance between bitterness and pungency. 
A vivid expression of the best Italian olive varieties.

A "MUST EXPERIENCE" type of Superior Blend !

Monocultivar FAVOLOSA   (FS-17)

This splendid and exclusive Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from the Italian variety FAVOLOSA, is the result of meticulous work and deep passion for what we do. 

Olives are hand picked at their exact point of maturation, their subsequent selection and their crushing is performed in less than 12 hours, making this Extra Virgin a Superior Quality product. A monocultivar with a fresh and herbaceous aroma.

Our nose and mouth are invaded by notes of freshly cut grass, artichokes and green almonds. 

With a medium / high fluidity, our Favolosa extra virgin is elegant and robust, with a balanced perception between bitter and spicy, indicating its high content of polyphenols and tocopherols.

A Unique Monocultivar !